Will Goldie

I'm a freelance software consultant and student.
(current course University of Toronto CS)

I can help you or your company determine the feasibility of software projects, identify the most efficient and reliable tools and methods develop a piece of software, write compelling and fluent articles and marketing copy, and solve many other tough problems.

I can help you build connectives, integrations, and ETLs to interface with, instrument, and extract data from existing software systems, even if their developers don't want you to.

I can help you plan your software projects and create specifications and scoping plans so that you can hire contractors and freelancers to implement them without getting ripped off. I can also implement them myself, especially MVP prototypes, with extremely fast turnaround.

I am currently [closed for new commercial business] but please get in touch if any of this sounds valuable to you - I'll be available sooner than you know. I am often willing to work pro bono or at a dramatically reduced rates for individual artists or art collectives.

Please also reach out if you have an interest in generative design, creative coding, graphics, computation as a medium of expression, computational thinking, programming language design, and anything related to these topics.

Please check in on my Github account at github.com/wgoldie, and add me to your professional network on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+.

One of my recent projects, the latest incarnation of Chatsnap (an experimental image-based chat service), can be seen at chat.willgoldie.me. (gh).

I'm currently working on, among other things: