Will Goldie

I'm a software developer and computer scientist, in no particular order. I specialize in considered use of AI and machine learning technology, prototyping and inception for interactive multimedia applications, and computer-aided design.
Recently, I have decided to take time off from consulting to pursue a full-time role doing machine learning and data science work. If you are looking for someone with
then please get in touch.
Please also reach out if you have an interest in generative design, creative coding, computational thinking, and anything related to these topics. I'd love to chat.
Feel free to check in on my Github account at github.com/wgoldie, and add me to your professional network on LinkedIn.



My blog is heavily inspired by the concept of Literate Programming. Interleaving code, prose, and visualizations, I write about machine learning, data science, and software.

Independent data science / ML research

Syllog, a visual environment (and growing toolchain) for probabilistic programming and inference. Documentation, development updates, and source code are available at Github.
Some of my notebooks working with Canvas-Drawer network architecture, VAEs, and MCMC sampling can be found on Github [ 1, 2, 3 ].

Web development tools

react-cytoscape-tools, a package (npm: react-cytoscape-tools) for integrating React with the Cytoscape.JS graph manipulation and drawing library. A demo is available.

Art/design tools

Some of my projects include tools for:
- Creating generative art with [shaders (github), colors, (github), and music (github)]
- Interactive lighting performance (github)
- 3D rendering (github)